About the Wiki

Hey all, thanks for visiting and your interest in learning about the Wiki. I started the Wiki as a place to make blockchain information on DC NFTs more accessible. The Wiki has been serving community members since its "Alpha" version launch in late 2022.

The Wiki is (and probably always will be) run by a single person, me, GM Ryan. While I try to keep as much information accessible and free as possible, the more collections come out, the more information there is to collect, process, and display. So certain features will be locked behind a Patreon membership, which helps me cover the costs of hosting the Wiki and helps me justify making time in my schedule to work on the Wiki. (I am a father of two daughters under the age of 4, so time is precious!)

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Contact Me

Feel free to reach out to me over Discord, either on the official Candy Digital Discord, DC NFTs Discord by direct message: GM Ryan#7414, or via X(Twitter) @DC3Wiki.

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FAQs and References

I gather all the information that the DC3 Wiki has from publicly available sources, such as the Palm blockchain, The Candy site, and the official DC NFTs Medium articles.
Candy Resources:Candy Blog and Candy Updates
Palm Blockchain Docs: Palm Network Support Tools
DC NFT Medium Articles: DC NFT News