Patreon Benefits

There are many benefits available to those who are members of the DC3.Wiki Patreon. In addition to an ad-free site experience, you get access to the below

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Benefit: Edition Filter
Edition Filter

On every collection's page, near the bottom, there will be a section where you can see which Edition numbers for that collection have been revealed. Each reveal box also includes a link directly to the Edition's page on the Candy site where you can view more info on it, including its owner.

Benefit: Collection Overview and Quick Edition Viewer
Edition Filter

Quick Access overview of all DC3s, including supply numbers and the current 10 lowest edition numbers. Members no longer need to individually search every collection and rarity to know which are the current available lowest. It is all made easily accessible through this page view.

Access to the DC3.Wiki Discord (And Edition Reveal Notifications)
Discord Access

Being a member of the DC3.Wiki (and linking your Discord to your Patreon Account) automatically gains you access to the DC3.Wiki Discord. In addition to being a part of a community of DC NFT power users like yourself who can discuss tips, strategies, and speculation on the DC NFT project, you also gain access to certain features I implement that will post to the Discord. The above example shows how one of the DC3.Wiki discord channels is notified every time a low Edition number is minted on the blockchain (meaning it was revealed from a pack or airdropped).