Justice League (2011-2016) #1

Release Info
Drop Date: 02/22/24
Price: $9.99
Purchase Limit: Unlimited
Public Sale Thu, February 22 2024 12:00PM EST
Comic Listing Thu, February 22 2024 02:00PM EST
First Overdrive Compatible Drop.
Original purchase only included the Core A Rarity and an Overdrive Cell V2.
Comic Data
Minted Comics: Loading
Edition Size: 5758

Rarity Information

Rarity Current Supply Total Available Unminted/Burned
Legendary 0 57 57
Epic 0 114 114
Uncommon 0 340 340
Rare 0 170 170
Core B 0 454 454
Core A 0 3298 3298
Legendary (Bat Cowl) 0 1325 1325
Note: Supply information only includes comics that have finished minting and been revealed from their packs

Overdrive Information

Overdrive Pack Data
Number of Packs In Drop: 1135
Comics Per Pack: 1
Minted Packs: 0
Wrapped Comics(Packs): Loading

This collection is a part of Overdrive. Core B, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary rarities were airdropped in packs. Legendary (Bat Cowl) was airdropped by itself.

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