The Legacy Cowls & Components

Release Info
Drop Date: 03/29/24
Price: $49.99
Purchase Limit: 2
Batcowl Access Time Fri, March 29 2024 11:15AM EDT
Public Sale Fri, March 29 2024 12:00PM EDT
Additional Early Access Period for:
Legends of(‘a) Gotham City Early Access: 11:00 AM - 11:59 AM ET
Harley Quinn Freakin’ Awesome Boxes of Mayhem Early Access: 11:45 AM -11:59 AM ET
Additional Crafting Price of $9.99 for future crafting events involving the Legacy Cowl
Comic Data
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Rarity Information

Name Rarity Current Supply Total Available Unminted/Burned
The Legacy Cowl 1.1 Core 0
The Legacy Cowl: Safe Mode Edition Core 0
The Legacy Cowl: Ice Edition Rare 0
The Legacy Cowl: GCDK Edition Rare 0
The Legacy Cowl: Elseworlds Edition Rare 0
Overdrive Patch 1.0 Core 0
Overdrive Patch 2.0 Core 0
Broken Snow Globe Core 0
Obscure Medal Core 0
Flamethrower Attachment Core 0
Note: Supply information only includes comics that have finished minting and been revealed from their packs

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